Pizzagate - FOLLOW UP - Alefantis/Smith "kill room" has been found!

Thanks to the members of voat we were able to find out where the kill room is located and some spicy new leads.

Was ist voat?

#PIZZAGATE - KILL ROOM FOUND! Pegasus Museum owned by Alefantis ( Mirror ) KILL ROOM FOUND!

The original kill room pictures are old pictures linked to jimmy comet's ( Owner of comet ping pong ) instagram, the pictures on that instagram had pedophilic criminal descriptions (basically they were working making that place their kill room / jail, underground, hence the digging), now the photos have been tracked to the original source, and they link BACK to comet and James Alefantis. The original video is gone. The video creator may have been threatened.

Quelle: Pizzagategear

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