Explosive Harvey Weinstein PREDATOR Claims; Is Pizzagate Still "Fake"?

Influential Hollywood producer and a Hillary Clinton financial backer, Harvey Weinstein, was the subject of a storm of MSM accusations published today that the mogul has engaged in predatory behavior for decades. Obama sent his daughter Malia to work for him. Tell me again snowflakes, is Pizzagate 'fake news' a bunch of trained journalists in our 30s concocted because we have nothing better to do than receive threats and character attacks from the deep state... or, as logic would dictate here, is there a massive cover-up of Hollywood and D.C. elites who are simply sick?

I know the answer: Pizzagate is real.

And many of these establishment "power" players are pathetic, worship the occult, and harm kids.

Quelle: David Seaman

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