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CNN's Own Audience Revolting Over DAVID HOGG Interview!!!

"There's something weird" -CNN viewer. Incredible. Must watch. The deepstate narrative is going down fast. IMPORTANT UPDATES- Since my ability to upload has been restricted, I cannot be expected to update the YouTube public on what we know about HOGG's father. At this time, I do not believe he is the same Hogg who sold a financial services company to AmEx for around $300mm. Hopefully the public will correct this for me; This serves as abundantly kind public notice, therefore, and correction that former F.B.I. agent Kevin Hogg is, in my view, not the seller of a fintech company to AmEx... however, I stand by our research team's claims about his son, David Hogg. None of this adds up. It pisses me off. Let me call the Clintons Luciferians all year on your platform, no worries, but minutes after mentioning David Hogg and his former FBI agent deepstate daddy, and my 10 year old YouTube account is permanently shutdown.

Not very nice, Susan Wojcicki.
Not very nice, Google.
Americans haven't been treated very nicely, lately.
And the free speech RIGHTS we enjoy in this country, many have spilled blood to protect in prior wars.

This censorship disparages their sacrifice and this great nation. We won't go quiet into the video night. See you on Bitchute every weekday! And now on censorship-proof DTUBE also! https://d.tube/c/fulcrum-news

Quelle: David Seaman

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